Clarium prides itself in providing world class support services to our clients. While most of our services will automatically open a support case even before our clients are aware there is a problem, there are times when you need to contact us directly.

Clarium provides (3) methods to initiate a support request from our Security Operations Center (SOC).

  • Within the United States you can call us at +1 877 THREAT 0
  • Outside the United States you can call us at +1 954 797 9900
  • Message us utilizing the Contact Us form located on any one of our pages. A support representative will contact you within the hour.
  • For our existing clients with support credentials you can click on the start button below and login to your portal and create a Support Request (SR) directly. This is our recommended method to ensure your request is tracked and escalated based on your severity and service level agreement contained within your subscription agreement.