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GSA Schedule

Clarium Managed Services was awarded the prestigious
General Services Administration (GSA)
Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) – IT Category
Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services (HACS)

General Services Administration – Multiple Award Schedule – IT Category

Sunshine Computers and Software, Inc. dba Clarium Managed Services (Clarium) is pleased to announce, that on December 29, 2020, we were awarded all five subcategories of the prestigious Special Item No. (SIN) 54151HACS on the General Services Administration (GSA)’s Multiple Award Schedule (MAS), Information Technology Category (ITC), formally IT Schedule 70. (GSA consolidated MAS, providing direct access to innovative products and services. Federal, state, local, and tribal government organizations can now buy from GSA MAS.)

This schedule provides government agencies with quicker access to key support services from a pool of technically evaluated cybersecurity vendors that will:

  • Expand agencies’ capacity to test their high-priority IT systems;
  • Rapidly address potential vulnerabilities; and
  • Stop adversaries before they impact our networks.
Clarium demonstrated our extensive cybersecurity capability through a rigorously technical oral evaluation conducted by the GSA’s HACS Team. The interview consisted of questions that tested the specialized knowledge and experience of Clarium’s cybersecurity professionals. This award signals GSA’s confidence in Clarium’s ability to bring expert cybersecurity services to the government in the five subcategory areas of:

  • High Value Asset (HVA) Assessments
  • Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (RVA)
    • Including Security Architecture Review (SAR) and Systems Security Engineering (SSE)
  • Cyber Hunt
  • Incident Response
  • Penetration Testing
Additionally, the scope of the SIN includes services for the seven step Risk Management Framework (RMF), and Security Operations Center (SOC) services:

  • The seven-step RMF includes preparation, information security categorization; control selection, implementation, and assessment; system and common control authorizations; and continuous monitoring. RMF activities may also include Information Security Continuous Monitoring (ISCM) Assessment which evaluate organization wide ISCM implementations, and also Federal Incident Response Evaluations (FIREs), which assess an organization’s incident management functions.
  • SOC services are services such as: 24x7x365 monitoring and analysis, traffic analysis, incident response and coordination, penetration testing, anti-virus management, intrusion detection and prevention, and information sharing.
Customers who want to purchase HACS solutions can use the ITC-MAS procurement process which is detailed on the GSA website and can be found here: www.gsa.gov/technology/technology-products-services/it-security/highly-adaptive-cybersecurity-services-hacs along with additional information and resources. Clarium is excited to bring our expert capabilities to the government in a way that expedites orders and deployment of services; reduces open market ordering and contract duplication; and allows government agencies to take advantage of centralized cybersecurity and acquisition support resources from GSA.

Clarium Managed Services is a Minority Owned, Small Disadvantage Business that specializes in Information Technology security support to government and private industry. With more than 30 years providing cutting-edge cyber solutions, Clarium is well-positioned to take on the government’s biggest cyber challenges.

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Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services (HACS)
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Period Covered:
December 29, 2020 – December 28, 2025

Sunshine Computers and Software, Inc. dba Clarium Managed Services

2244 NW 114th Ave, Miami, FL 33172

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Contract Administration:
Jordan Lombard

Business Size:
Small Disadvantaged Business
Minority Owned

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