Healthcare Managed Services

Healthcare Managed Services

As the Demand for Patient Data Grows, So Does the Need for Data Security

To deliver higher-quality care, healthcare organizations must meet the accelerated demand for data. At the same time, they must comply with regulatory requirements with regard to electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI).

Secure ePHI with Clarium

Many of the world’s most innovative healthcare organizations rely on Clarium to help secure PHI while permitting authorized data sharing among healthcare providers and their patients. Ours is the most accurate data protection platform trusted on millions of endpoints to secure data against insider and outsider threats.

Now more than ever, healthcare organizations must have a data protection strategy in place to:

  • Analyze and Control
  • Educate
  • Assess

Analyze and Control Risks to Regulated PHI

Healthcare organizations create and store growing volumes of sensitive, and valuable, patient data. Clarium provides the mechanisms to analyze risks to ePHI per the HIPAA Security Rule and control PHI access to limit external exposure.

Educate Care Providers on Security

Your #1 risk is people; Clarium prevents user actions that put your organization at risk then educates users on the appropriate handling of ePHI with real time prompts and filters to encourage secure behavior.

Assess Security & Privacy Policies

CLARIUM provides the visibility into ePHI usage to continuously assess security policies and procedures to meet the evolving needs of your organization.

Penetration Testing and Integration with Leading EHR vendors

Clarium has partnered with leading penetration testing tools to ensure your environment is constantly being scanned for breach points and malware. Our state of the art vigilance ensure that a proactive update is provided to your environment within minutes of a vulnerability assessment even if the vulnerability has nothing to do with your practice. Our service delivers unmatched accuracy, reducing false positives and false negatives.

Protect patient data in all formats, from PHI to patient scans

Healthcare providers handle a myriad of sensitive and risky data in structured (sanctioned) and unstructured (unsanctioned) formats, such as PHI, payment card industry (PCI) data, and medical images. Other data protection solutions can’t recognize or protect all this data. Only Clarium protects structured and unstructured data, including emails, documents, and scans.

Classify huge volumes of sensitive data automatically

Clarium automatically classifies data at the source the instant it’s created or modified. And our solution’s content-aware and context-aware classification enables effective, real-time monitoring, reporting, and controls.

Cover all egress points

Clarium monitors and reports on all egress channels, including email, media devices such as smart phones, and cloud storage. It prompts and blocks unauthorized sensitive data from leaving your organization — even if the data format has been changed or embedded in another document. And all sensitive data that is authorized for egress is encrypted before leaving your organization, providing full data leak protection.

Share data securely, inside and outside the organization

Clarium lets healthcare providers share data securely with multiple organizations and partners while also preventing unauthorized data access. Its data protection capabilities span on and off the network as well as across virtual environments/VPN.

Manage privileged users

Clarium applies data protection policies equally to regular users and privileged users, independent of the operating-system security model in place. So even if administrators have unhindered access to a system, Clarium will monitor their actions and control their access to sensitive data.

Comply with monitoring and reporting regulations

Clarium provides a detailed audit trail to support you in demonstrating compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, and other regulatory requirements.