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The Interlocal Purchasing System(TIPS)

Clarium helps customers reinvent their business and reach their full potential with its innovative agile and customer centric approach. With a track record on cybersecurity practice and all levels of information security including guidance, design, implementation, and delivery of a secure eco-system, Clarium has a unique value proposition to share with their customers.

Clarium also specializes in digital transformation, cloud transformation, business process optimization, and testing services for various industries which makes it a niche provider of end-to-end services using latest technologies.

Clarium Managed Services is now an Awarded Vendor through the TIPS Purchasing Cooperative. As an Awarded Vendor, Clarium offers TIPS Members the opportunity to purchase services at discounted pricing without the delay and expense of going out to bid. Through the TIPS program, Clarium is able to save agencies both time and money, while delivering related services and solutions in Data Analytics, Networking Equipment, Software, Consulting and other Technology Products.

Clarium capabilities
Cybersecurity Risk Management
Digital & Cloud Transformation Services

Purchasing Cooperative TIPS is a national purchasing cooperative offering competitively solicited contracts to education government and nonprofit agencies, saving them both time and money. TIPS provides a proven, streamlined process that eliminates the purchasing stress for Members.

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Information about our contracts

CONTRACT: 210404 Data Analytics Solutions and Services
End Date: Jun-30-2024

CONTRACT: 21050301 Networking Equipment, Software, and Services
End Date: Jul-31-2024

CONTRACT: 210602 Consulting and other Related Services
End Date: Aug-31-2026

Pending Contract- 220105 Technology Solutions, Products and Services

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