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October 17, 2023

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What is IPaaS?

Integration Platform as a Service, or iPaaS, in simpler terms, is a service that integrates data, applications and processes in the cloud into a coherent platform. It can transfer data between clouds as well as via hybrid and B2B integration. The data collected is stored in any type of storage platform and is referred to as a "Data Warehouse". The coherent platform can provide us with data, which can be analysed and sent through several processes, including cleansing, ETL mapping and transformation. The quality of data is enhanced in order to provide customers with personalized information according to their needs. Companies benefit by trimming IT support numbers to a minimum, thereby reducing their financial burden.

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What is Boomi?

Boomi is an integrated platform that provides a space for connecting multiple data sources and applications in a single platform, also known as an integration platform as a service (iPaaS). Boomi is a low-code platform; for instance, each and every logical operation will be connected through a flow map using connectors. Boomi creates a platform for management, movement, governance, and the arrangement of data throughout the application, whether it is on-premise or in the cloud. The best thing about Boomi is that it bolsters the enterprises' ability to transfer data more quickly and efficiently with higher accuracy on a unique integrated platform that boosts the parsing of data over systems, people and applications. Therefore, it is an end-to-end service, along with data quality service, data management and data integration.

Consider a scenario in which you obtain information about your customers from multiple sources. Instead of manually fetching data from ERP, CRM and DMS, you can collect all that information from an SFTP server, database, cloud, email, and many more sources by integrating all those services under a Boomi platform. These encrypted data will be combined and they can be decrypted through Boomi. These files can be transferred to any storage device that meets your requirements.

A variety of tools are provided by Boomi to create and maintain integrations between multiple data sources.

What It Offers:

  • One of the key features of Boomi is that most operations can be performed using drag- and-drop or point-and-click, making large tasks easier to complete than coding complex logic. These “drag and drops” are called connectors which are also used for integrating the source and target systems. These built-in connectors are used to connect cloud platforms such as Salesforce, Zuora, Netsuite, etc.

  • Another feature it offers is the templates called Boomi Process Libraries for standard integration that are available for customers to download, install and configure to suit their requirements. The integration of libraries is as effortless as that.

  • It also boasts of ease of deployment. Boomi’s cloud infrastructure allows users to deploy integration quickly, for example, within weeks, days, or even hours.

  • Boomi's low-code feature is simple to use, and its sourced intelligence is way cooler by reducing productivity time; it can interact with both technical and non-technical users. It connects all data sources and applications to the Boomi platform.


Why Boomi:

a) Modern Connectivity

Boomi is a unique, extremely highly functional and productive hybrid integration solution that gives access to applications to produce a network of apps, data and devices using APIs. API Connectivity gives Boomi the solution to challenging connectivity problems and gets us into a new age of connectivity through a less flaky connectivity solution. The Boomi provides a variety of bridging solutions for connecting with apps, data, and business systems, whether they are in the cloud, on a server, or anywhere. Boomi is capable of adapting to businesses of any size and as your business grows, the flexible architecture of Boomi also evolves to meet your needs.

b) Effective Data Management

Nowadays, data is crucial to any kind of business whether it is a small business or a larger one. New-age technologies, such as IoT and AI/ML, rely entirely on data, which can be stored in multiple data sources. These multiple sources can be brought together into a single hub through the Boomi platform. Most businesses flounder in decision-making because of the inadequacy of data. This is where Boomi plays a vital role in transferring the data through the master data hub (a native cloud solution). This gives a transparent picture of data flow through every business system.

As stated by official Boomi resources, important features of the data hub include:

    • ✓  Centralized data quality

    • ✓  Real-Time, bi-directional data flow

    • ✓  Data governance

    • ✓  Comprehensive analytics

    • ✓  Simplified integration mapping

c) Top-tierCloudSolutions

Boomi has a built-in integrated cloud multipurpose iPaaS platform that holds the data, application, company’s system and people. Boomi can have intelligent and personalised management for IT infrastructure for all businesses. The platform is equipped with standalone modules or libraries like AtomSphere, MDM and API management functionalities. The platform via cloud is scalable and agile. The Boomi cloud platform utilizes ready-to-use services with simpler drag-and-drop features for any type of integration. Along with these features. Boomi gives users the flexibility to build and customize according to their business needs with custom code scripting. This reduces the time for development.

d) Seamless Connection and Integration

Whether the application or service is on a server or in the cloud, Boomi includes a plethora of connectors to allow for easy integration with any type of application or service. As previously stated, it can connect to a variety of platforms via its connectors, including ServiceNow, SalesForce, Azure, AWS, and many others, making it easier for businesses to work. This allows you to extend enterprise service management capabilities to applications while having complete connectivity to ERP, CRM, IT applications and more. As the business environment changes, the needs of the businesses also change dynamically. Customers are allowed to pick the on-demand integration services or solutions that fit their businesses.

e) Solutions for Full Stack Security

The Boomi AtomSphere comes with a three-level full-stack firewall framework that will work either on the server or cloud service.

Boomi provides firewalls at three levels:

    • Network and facilities infrastructure

    • Application and platform layer

    • Data level

  1. The Boomi platform provides the SSAE 16 Type II SOC as the first level of firewall for Network and facilities infrastructure which is advised by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.
    For the second level of firewall, the communication between the AtomSphere and the data centre is protected by SSL 256-bit encryption and outbound communications through HTTPS port 443.

    Each and every account registration and activation is secured by a public and private X.509 key. These keys are stored in data centers.

    Tailored API Strategy

    In the linked intelligence world of today, APIs are essential. Diverse corporate systems may interface with the data in the databases in a more safe and strategic way, thanks to a solid API approach. Developers can simply create, publish, and maintain their APIs using Boomi's full-featured API life cycle and API toolkit, which requires minimal coding. Strong API strategy, connectors, and data mapping tools are provided by the API platform for effective integration with dissimilar systems. Businesses may communicate with historical applications without having to replace the existing systems. In this manner, the Boomi platform's effective API approach successfully promotes digital transformation.


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    a) Boomi Integration:

    All application integration procedures between on-premise systems, cloud platforms, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications are supported by the Boomi Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). The user may create, deploy, and carry out the integration process using this platform.

    Access to the AtomSphere platform is made possible through an API reference that is part of the Boomi Integration platform.

    Connectors are used to create integration and establish quick connections with other programs like Salesforce, Netsuite, etc. Users may interface with distributors, vendors, and suppliers thanks to B2B/EDI management.

     b) Master Data Hub:

    Boomi Master Data Hub provides a way to model, synchronize, match, enhance and clean data across domains, enabling enterprises to access data uniformly. Access to Master data and Hub repositories is possible using the Rest APIs. Fields and one match rule are included in the Master Data Hub model to aid in model construction.

    c) API Management:

    A scalable framework for managing all APIs throughout their whole lifespan is offered by Boomi API Management. It provides a centrally-managed online platform where APIs used across many business activities may be created, deployed, and managed. Incoming queries go through an intermediary called an API gateway. It keeps updating the platform with the status.

    d) Boomi Flow:

    Boomi Flow is a low-code development platform for automating both sophisticated and simple procedures to effectively run the business.

    It enables users to design, set up, and control the tenant's process. Users may create the flow using the drag-and-drop flow canvas interface to create the process, and they can then publish it.

    We at Clarium have in-depth knowledge of Boomi implementation, and all our Boomi engineers are certified in all Boomi modules.

    For any queries or implementation help reach out to us at contactus@clarium.tech


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