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Transforming & Safeguarding Enterprises

Providing Global Solutions and Digital Transformation, using the latest Cybersecurity Innovations to Secure Your Enterprise

Our Offering

A secured, end-to-end transformation solution that leapfrogs enterprises into the digital era.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is the use and integration of new digital technologies into all areas of a business to solve problems

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Cloud Transformation

Bridging the gap between aspiration and execution, we provide an integrated cloud-by-design strategy, backed with skills to implement it

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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Tools provide a layered approach providing greater prevention of threats across the entire organization

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Automation Services

We utilize deep industry expertise with intelligent and automated testing to put quality in the forefront with provable productivity increases

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Industries Served

Due to our deep domain knowledge gathered working with various industries, we understand business needs and assist organizations to identify areas for improvement and help shape their solutions, products and services.

Clarium Banking Insurance


We keep the customer in focus and drive digital solutions to meet market needs. Our deep understanding of Banking and Financial systems help our clients to standout among their peers

clarium healthcare


Accelerate value for the customers using underlying data, transform the business using new technologies like AI/ML and deliver value to the customers

clarium hospitality


With customer focus in mind we drive digital transformations which create value, deliver claims on time and produce satisfied customers, thus increasing the customer base

clarium Government Services

Government Services

We are proud to boast that we have been awarded a five-year GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) with contract number 47QTCA21D003K, for the Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services (HACS) SIN. This allows Clarium to bring our existing commercial expertise in Security Operations as-a-Service (SOCaaS) and other cybersecurity capabilities to the U.S. Federal Government.

How We Work

01. Strategic Internal Assessment

Awareness is the first in the process. Our assessment will help organizations understand where they stand in the market and their Cyber Security Posture in regard to current technological solutions

02. Advisory Session & Security Roadmap

Upon completion of the assessment, our specialist(s) will work with you to create a robust Implementation Plan. The plan will include current technology to enhance Cyber Security, and increase productivity all while maximizing Return on Investment

03. Planning and Execution

Our Specialists will work with your team to help you plan, execute and deliver the solutions. From end to end our experts will implement security, development and deployment with the most trusted services available

Clarium Tech Awarded GSA Multiple Award Schedule

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