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Digital Transformation

Our Digital Transformation offering integrates new digital technologies into all business areas and facilitates problem solving.

This approach ushers in a fundamental change in how a company operates and delivers value to its customers. Digital Transformation is not merely keeping in step with rapidly changing technologies, but is a cultural change that forces organizations to challenge themselves to experiment and innovate. An effective digital strategy across layers is key to staying relevant and being ahead of the curve.

We at Clarium handhold customers through this exceedingly rewarding journey and help them adapt more quickly to the new order of things.

Cloud Transformation

Services offered:
* Data on Cloud
* Cloud Migration
* Cloud Security

Bridging the gap between aspiration and execution, we provide an integrated cloud-by-design strategy, backed with skills to implement it. Our enterprise cloud solutions cover the entire gamut of activities from cloud migration to cloud management to cloud-native development. Backed by our experience of handling complex transformations, we aid enterprises in planning and execution of their cloud strategies.

Clarium - Cloud Transformation

Cyber Security

Upping the safety coefficient, our cybersecurity solution is focused on warding off malicious attacks of any dimension or scale and from any source using a multi-pronged approach.

Different modalities are deployed in a sequence based on relevance and priority.A breach in one part of the ecosystem alerts and remediates the entire ecosystem.

Clarium - Cybersecurity

Automation Services

Our deep industry expertise and automated testing are built on the foundation of quality consciousness, as we strive to nearly eliminate bugs, increase productivity enroute to delivering world class solutions.

With our proprietary quality framework and our mastery of the art of automation, we provide end-to-end solution, integrating various tools. The end result is top-notch quality delivered every time.

Clarium - Automation Services


Having elite cybersecurity management doesn't mean alerting customers when attacks are present. With Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), Clarium ensures they are prevented altogether.


Cyber security infrastructure is a well-balanced approach to not only prevention and detection, but overall cyber compliance and mitigation.


Clarium's pool of experts can assist with installation, 24/7 support and monitoring, and DIY Tools and Visibility Dashboards. Keep up to date on our latest and most advanced tools in our bulletin and documentation center

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