Clarium’s flagship Managed Cyber Security Service begins and ends with our (SecS)² bundled platforms. From Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP), to securing a USB drive. Our platforms deliver the essential reasonable care your organization requires to meet strict regulatory controls and protect your critical data assets.


Our unique security as a service platform collects and analyses security information in real time from across your organization. A combination of powerful proprietary technologies and human intelligence helps to prevent attacks on your network, and protect your commercially sensitive information.


Clarium Threat Monitoring and Clarium Analytics tells you:


  • what’s really on your network, who’s using it, and whether or not your network’s at risk
  • how well your actual network usage matches your policy requirements
  • how to build an incident response process
  • how to satisfy auditors and regulators that you’re performing enough due diligence
  • who’s attacking you, and how hard they’re trying
  • how well-engineered your network is, and what you can do to improve it
  • where the weak spots are in your network and applications and what you can do to fix them.


Clarium Threat Monitoring benefits


Enhanced network security – Clarium’s security analysts have seen varied attacks across hundreds of major networks so we know exactly what to look for when monitoring networks.


IT workload reduction – The threat monitoring technology filters false positives. This saves time by ensuring a customer’s security team only responds to genuine threats and enables them to focus instead on more strategic security strategies.


Reduced liability – Network monitoring reduces risk while the quality of recorded information helps customers comply with auditing and accountability standards, protecting against financial losses.


Ensure data protection – Collecting and analyzing network information to classify it according to the risk it represents, helps customers safeguard their business-critical data.


Support compliance – Clarium’s reporting features provide all the network data and security information in a single portal, helping customers comply with regulations and audit processes.


Clarium Threat Monitoring features


Complete global security visibility through a single pane of glass. Security event monitoring enhances both customer and security analyst capabilities with improved focus on critical security intelligence through a rich set of activity views. Multiple embedded portlets and graphical elements offer customizable views of service tickets, deployed devices and security events.


Vendor neutral monitoring – Clarium offers a vendor neutral approach to network monitoring. This means that customer can select security devices from those vendors that are right for their organization. Clarium supports more than one million event rules across a broad range of devices. This helps to identify events such as failed logins, transactional events, anomaly detection, buffer overflows/underruns, DOS attacks and concerted attacks.


Global View – Advanced correlation technology analyses security data across multiple devices, multiple vertical markets, across the globe.


Secure Operation Centers – Physically hardened facilities, redundant architecture, and geographically separated for disaster recovery.


Security Experts – Clarium Security Operations Center is staffed with highly skilled and accredited analysts for incident detection and rapid response.


Web Portal – Integrated reporting and change requests across the customer subscribed Clarium Threat Services.


Integrated Access to Clarium Analytics – for interactive security data exploration and fine-grained visualization and analysis of security events.


Clarium’s (SecS)² Threat Monitoring is a fully managed security event monitoring service. Clarium monitors its customer’s devices 24x7x365. The service works by re-directing customer device log files to a central Clarium repository. Clarium then analyses and filters the millions of messages from networked devices, separates the irrelevant from the suspicious or critical, then alerts the customer of any security issues before damage is done. True end to end managed cyber security platform.